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Jan 13, 2023

Rick Rubin is the legendary music producer who founded Def Jam records, one of the most important hip hop labels of the 80s. 


He has won nine Grammy awards and worked with some of the biggest artists of our time, to name but a few: Jay Z, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Strokes, Adele, Run DMZ and Slayer.


He joins Krishnan to talk about his incredible career, as well as the launch of his new book ‘The Creative Act’.   


Produced by: Joe Lord Jones and Nina Hodgson


Music Credits:


Superrappin’ - Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, and The Furious Five

Label: Enjoy Records 

Producer – Bobby Robinson


It's Yours - T La Rock

Artists: Jazzy Jay and T La Rock 

Label: Def Jam Recordings 

Producer Rick Rubin


Feel the Heartbeat - Treacherous Three 

Label: Enjoy Records

Producer – Bobby Robinson


The Big Beat - Label: Capitol Records

Producer – Eddy Offord 


The Adults Are Talking - The Strokes

Label: RCA AND Cult Records

Producer – Rick Rubin


Angel of Death Slayer 

Label: Geffen Records – Def Jam Recordings

Producer: Rick Rubin


Trouble Funk - Drop The Bomb

Label: Sugar Hill Records

Producer – Reo Edwards 


Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash 

Label: Columbia

Producer – Bob Johnston


Hurt - Johnny Cash 

Label - American & Lost Highway

Produced by Rick Rubin


Fight For Your Right - Beastie Boys 

Label - Def Jam & Columbia Records 

Produced by - Rick Rubin, 


I Can't Live Without My Radio - LL Cool J 

Label - Def Jam/Columbia/CBS 

Producer Rick Rubin & Jazzy Jay


RUN DMC - Walk This Way ft. Aerosmith 

Label -  Geffen Records

Produced by - Rick Rubin & Russell Simmons